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Teen charged with child porn for allegedly tweeting nude selfies

A 16-year-old Virginia girl takes to Twitter to allegedly send naked pictures of herself. She is charged with distributing child pornography.

By February 9, 2014


Can social networks protect your kids?

Here's a look at potential safeguards that companies may put in place in light of recent cases of alleged abuse and rape in youth-centric online communities.

By June 15, 2012


Apple unveils iBooks 2 for digital textbooks, self-pub app (live blog)

Company announces today iBooks 2, a "new textbook experience" for the iPad and Apple's attempt to bury traditional schoolbooks.

By January 19, 2012


Teen online safety mostly about behavior

Old Internet safety messages about "stranger danger" need to change in favor of helping kids protect themselves online.

By June 17, 2009


Study: Youth take fewer risks than 20 years ago

Study shows that kids today are less likely to take risks, more likely to treat people better than their counterparts in 1989.

By January 14, 2010


Alternate-reality games flourish at the grassroots

While big ARGs like I Love Bees and The Beast get most of the ink, there has been a steady stream of games built for very small audiences, without corporate sponsorship.

By November 23, 2009


Stop cyberbullying with education, not new law

Larry offers advice on how to recognize, prevent and stop cyberbullying and points out the problems of a proposed federal law

By July 14, 2009


Net threat to minors less than feared

A much anticipated report concludes that children and teens are less vulnerable to sexual predation than many have feared.

By January 13, 2009


What does MySpace news about removing 29,000 sex offenders mean for parents?

MySpace has just removed profiles of registered 29,000 sex offenders. What does this news mean for parents?

By July 25, 2007