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ChatS Encrypted Messenger

Chat with your friends securely and secretly by self-encrypted communication. Easy to use messenger tool that only send coded messages via the...

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Note to self: Encrypt data, memorize password

Court rules that prosecutors can't force people to decrypt data that could potentially be used against them.

By February 24, 2012


Seagate ships self-encrypting enterprise hard drives

Seagate ships enterprise-class self-encrypting drives to system builders worldwide.

By September 22, 2009


Government should lead transition to self-encrypting drives

Move would enhance the security of private data on federal systems but also help jump-start this tech industry transition, says analyst Jon Oltsik.

By March 9, 2009


Self-encrypting drive standard gains momentum

Within two to three years, blogger Jon Oltsik predicts, every device that ships with a hard drive or solid-state disk will offer self-encrypting drives.

By March 4, 2009


Hitachi announces self-encrypting hard drive

Hitachi's new 2.5-inch Travelstar drive offers 500GB capacity, support for new encryption standards, and low power consumption.

By November 11, 2008


Seagate powers self-encrypting Dell PCs

Seagate, McAfee and Dell advances in self-encrypting PC computers.

By November 9, 2008


Toshiba to launch self-erasing hard drives

Providing an extra level of security, Toshiba will soon roll out a series of hard drives that will automatically erase or prevent access to the data should the drive be connected to an unknown system.

By April 14, 2011


Seagate's 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive hits 1TB

Company introduces first 2.5-inch hard drive for business users that offers a terabyte of storage.

By December 13, 2010


Hitachi announces high-speed 500GB laptop hard drive

Hitachi announces the new 7200 RPM Travelstar Drive for laptops that offers capacities up to 500GB.

By September 1, 2009


Security-storage device specifications finalized

Trusted Computing Group released final versions of three storage specifications, that enable stronger and more unified data protection.

By January 28, 2009