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Dish's 'Seinfeld' play: Sprint ties it all together

Dish founder Charlie Ergen has made some wild moves over the past few years, but it all goes back to owning a wireless business.

By April 15, 2013


Seinfeld Web series comes to Crackle's mobile app

Offering a small selection of TV shows and movies for free, Crackle now lets you watch Jerry Seinfeld's new Web-based series on your mobile device.

By August 17, 2012


Seinfeld launches a Web site for 10-year-olds

Jerry Seinfeld launches a new Web site that strives to offer viewers only the best of the man. Is this his way of controlling his legacy on the Web? No, it's his way of appealing to 10-year-olds.

By May 6, 2011


NBC's Zucker: 'Seinfeld' wouldn't make it today

NBC Universal chief says that shows don't have as much time to mature. While there is room for hits, average shows are too expensive to maintain.

By May 28, 2009


Seinfeld curbs enthusiasm for Microsoft, goes back to Mac

In the latest episode of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," erstwhile Microsoft pitchman returns to finger a Mac.

By November 1, 2009


Why Microsoft needs more Seinfeld ads

Did Microsoft's Seinfeld commercials work? You might not think so, but Don Reisinger does.

By February 10, 2009


Gates-Seinfeld shtick more viral than 'I'm a PC'

The two Gates-Seinfeld commercials have enjoyed 4.3 million more viral-video views than Microsoft's replacement "I'm a PC" campaign, according to Visible Measures.

By October 4, 2008


The Digital Home Video: Microsoft still needs Seinfeld

Don Reisinger thinks Microsoft still needs Jerry Seinfeld. Find out why in his latest video.

By September 18, 2008


Microsoft is pushing Seinfeld away too soon

Don Reisinger thinks Microsoft is pushing Jerry Seinfeld away before it should. Worse, he thinks Microsoft needs to abandon its current strategy before it's too late.

By September 19, 2008


Gates-Seinfeld act 2: Beautiful minds?

The second installment of the Bill Gates-Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft advertising campaign shows great cleverness in giving Microsoft the possibility of looking like a somewhat cuddly underdog.

By September 14, 2008