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Combining the Segway with skiing and strollers

New concept would redesign handlebars and navigation.

By April 14, 2008


Segway toughens up, heads in new directions

New omnidirectional RMP (Robotic Mobility Platform) is reportedly due at RoboBusiness.

By April 9, 2008


Segway's Ferrari edition (that's right)

For $12,000 you get a red version with a logo.

By October 22, 2007


Giuliani: I'm not riding that Segway. No way

The would-be president shows up at a Segway factory in New Hampshire, but refuses to ride one. A 70-year-old CBS News anchor does instead.

By January 3, 2008


Video: Chickens on a Segway

From last week's E3 Summit.

By July 18, 2007


Crave Podcast 86: Microsoft offers free money!

Welcome, friends, to the 86th episode of the Crave Podcast. This week hottest tech news includes Microsoft paying customers to use its Live Search Engine

By May 23, 2008


Would you let your toddler drive this robot?

"Ringbo" supposedly lets a 2-year-olds steer with joysticks.

By May 13, 2008


Photos: Futuristic concept cars

Photos: Futuristic concept cars

By May 1, 2008


Bot takes a spin on its own Segway

'Hubo' may hit the road on its own

By June 1, 2007


N.Y. cops hop on Segways

About 25 members of the NYPD have been trained to use the Police Department's new Segways in parks and on boardwalks.

By May 18, 2007