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New Myspace to be segregated from old Myspace

In an interview with ABC, the CEO of the soon-to-be-revamped social network said, among other things, that new users will be kept separate from users of "classic Myspace."

By October 5, 2012


Blackbird: Segregation makes a comeback

Is it a good idea to have 14 percent of the U.S. population separate itself from the rest, even through a browser?

By December 10, 2008


Open Source Segregation

Pennsylvania high school discriminates against student attempting to use open source browser for classroom assignment. Hairspray meets Firefox!

By December 17, 2007


City gets a 'No Cell Phones' walking lane, for now

As part of an upcoming TV show, a Washington, DC, sidewalk segregates those who walk and text from the more aware.

By July 18, 2014


Google bestows author Zora Neale Hurston her own doodle

Showing an illustrated portrait of the writer, along with a backdrop that easily fits into her acclaimed novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God," the Web giant pays homage to the great American author.

By January 7, 2014


Google's peaceful Martin Luther King Jr. doodle

Google's homage on Martin Luther King Jr. day is a simple and serene depiction of a great man.

By January 20, 2014


Sunrise Calendar

An intuitive interface makes Sunrise Calendar one of the best free calendar apps that's available on multiple platforms.

July 21, 2014

4 stars Editors' rating July 21, 2014

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Tech Time Machine: 5 March

Without this day in tech, we mightn't be surfing the web on desktop PCs or talking into our iPhones. Yes, 5 March is a truly a momentous day in technology.

By March 4, 2012


Cloud-computing security risks (Gartner)

Check out Gartner's list of Cloud security risks.

By July 2, 2008


U.S. Cyber Command prepped to launch

U.S. Cyber Command, which will operate the computer networks used by the Defense Department, is waiting on congressional approval of its new commander.

By March 23, 2010