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Hootsuite swoops in on Seesmic

With the acquisition, the Seesmic brand will eventually fade away as Hootsuite decides which of the social media client's features best fit its goals.

By September 6, 2012


Seesmic launches Pro version, adds ads to free version

Seesmic today introduced new features and an ad-free Pro version of its social networking client for Android. Wait a minute, wasn't the free version already ad-free?

By March 27, 2012


New Seesmic Web out-features Seesmic Desktop

In a few key areas, the Web-based version of the Seesmic Twitter client bests its desktop sibling.

By February 22, 2010


Hootsuite flub reveals users' e-mail addresses to other users

Thousands of e-mails sent to users of the social media manager included the names and e-mail addresses of other users.

By November 11, 2012


Seesmic launches iPhone app

The social-network aggregator debuts iPhone app, letting you follow and update your Twitter, Facebook, and Ping.fm feeds in one shot.

By May 21, 2010


Twitter removes source app names from tweets

The micro-blogging site continues to abide by its new restricted-access mantra and takes away the tag that identifies which app a tweet comes from.

By August 27, 2012


Facebook bulks up admin access with new privilege levels

The social network makes its admin privileges more sophisticated, adding five different levels. Now, more than one person can manage a Facebook page.

By May 31, 2012


Seesmic's Twhirl finally getting Seesmic support

Two-way access still a few weeks out, though.

By June 17, 2008


Seesmic Look: My first Twitter client

Seesmic gets touchy with Seesmic Look, a newbie-friendly desktop client with an interesting way of making money from Twitter

By January 21, 2010


Seesmic makes Twitter pretty, with Look

Now you can consume Twitter without contributing, or even logging in.

By January 21, 2010