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Search and play audio tracks and videos.

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iRadio App

Access radio stations and view song information and lyrics on your iPhone.

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Microsoft-Seeqpod acquisition: Good idea, wrong company

If Microsoft wants to make music search a core component of its new search engine, it ought to consider buying Grooveshark.

By May 11, 2009


Seeqpod bankruptcy will affect other sites

The search engine for music files filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday to help protect against record company lawsuits, and it looks like they've taken one of my favorite sites, Songerize, down with them.

By April 1, 2009


Songite offers instant gratification for single songs

Created by the developer of the now-defunct Songerize, Songite lets you enter the name of any song to hear it right now.

By October 27, 2009


Michael Robertson: Digital music's bad boy was right

Robertson pegged the problems with ad-supported music sites two years ago, and today the sector is struggling. He now says iTunes will fall. Is he right about that as well?

By August 25, 2009


Seeqpod (iPhone App)

Find music and play it on your iPhone with this online music database app.

By July 13, 2007


EMI lawsuit hasn't shut down Grooveshark--yet

I wondered how Grooveshark was able to avoid the record industry lawsuits faced by other on-demand streaming companies like Imeem and Seeqpod. Turns out, it wasn't.

By June 18, 2009


Imeem's new iPhone app helps overcome storage limits

Newly released, the iPhone app for this popular music service lets you stream songs from your online Imeem account to your handset.

By May 13, 2009


Find songs, create playlists with Just Hear It

I've finally found a replacement for Songerize, which has been broken since early this year. Just Hear It provides you a list of songs to play on demand or add to a playlist.

By April 22, 2009


Webware Radar: Mozilla gets cute with new skins

Also: The Weather Channel has a new, ad-supported iPhone app; SeeqPod has filed for bankruptcy protection; and AdMob launches a new iPhone Download Exchange Program.

By March 31, 2009


Free Music Archive launches

Indie radio stalwarts WFMU (New Jersey) and KEXP (Seattle) are among the curators of the Free Music Archive, which has more than 5,000 songs licensed under Creative Commons licenses.

By April 15, 2009