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5 DIY Valentine's Day gifts for the geek at heart

While the rest of America is purchasing bouquets of roses and See's candies, take a stab at these easy, one-hour (or less) projects that any technology-loving guy or gal would appreciate.

By February 10, 2012


Talking Apple in the land of foreclosures

Modesto, Calif., has been hit hard by the housing crisis and already has double-digit unemployment. Nonetheless, there are plenty of shoppers in the new local Apple Store.

By December 17, 2008


Warren Buffett's deal-making observations, post Microsoft-Yahoo

The billionaire investor recounts his own merger tale after Microsoft-Yahoo negotiations collapse. Are Berkshire directors Bill Gates, Sue Decker, and Ron Olson listening?

By May 5, 2008


Buffett calls Internet investing "a big trap"

Calling the Internet a little more than "a big trap" for many investors, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway says not all business ideas are suited for success on the Net.

By April 29, 2001


Wells Fargo enters e-tailing

First the bank put Starbuck's in its branches and ATM machines in supermarkets, and now it's offering Valentine's Day gift shopping on its Web site.

By February 4, 1999