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Sony's Google Glass rival SmartEyeglass goes on sale for $840 or £520

The SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 smart glasses are cheaper than Glass, but far less elegant.

By February 17, 2015


WikiLeaks exposes TrapWire, gets DDoSed

WikiLeaks has blown the lid off TrapWire, a secret government surveillance system that uses ordinary CCTV cameras — and then the site went down under a DDoS attack.

By August 13, 2012


Toshiba puts off SED TV again

Canon, the company's partner in SED, will not be able to supply displays to meet the original schedule.

By May 25, 2007


Toshiba's SED TV drops out of CES

SED no RSVP at CES in LV

By December 21, 2006


Toshiba's SED TV a no-show at electronics show

Long-awaited surface conduction electron emitter display TV won't be shown at CES, and that will set tongues wagging. Photos: Something you won't see at CES

By December 21, 2006


Toshiba set to build 55-inch SED TVs

Company says it has made manufacturing breakthroughs on production of new TVs using a technology called SED.

By October 2, 2006


Toshiba, Canon delay SED TV launch to 2007

Postponement could create some doubt about the future of the new television technology.

March 8, 2006


Toshiba readies SED panel rollout

The computer maker picks a site in western Japan to mass-produce flat-panel screens offering CRT image quality.

By June 2, 2005


Gadgets gather at Tokyo's Ceatec show

Japan's answer to CES features a Blu-ray camcorder from Hitachi, Toshiba's plans for big-screen SED TVs, and more. Photos: Hitachi's DVD tech Photos: Sharp's high-def developments

By October 4, 2006