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Upgrade to an SSD: The best way to make your computer feel like new

CNET editor Dong Ngo shows how you can replace your computer's hard drive with a solid-state drive and be significantly happier with your life.

By July 15, 2016


How to install the MacOS Sierra public beta

If you can't wait until the official release of the next Mac OS this fall, then you can use the public beta of MacOS Sierra right now. Here's how to install it.

By July 10, 2016


iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra public betas are available now

The open betas for the next versions of Apple's iPhone and Mac operating systems are now available to download.

By July 7, 2016


iOS 10 public beta arrives today, and this is what you can do with it

Wonder what Apple's new software can do for your iPhone? I tried it for a few days, and found its best features still a work in progress.

By July 7, 2016


Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam dryer

If you need an attractive dryer that tackles big loads of wet clothes and can live with confusing secondary controls, then the Electrolux EFME617S Perfect Steam is a solid choice.

By June 7, 2016

3.5 stars Editors' rating June 7, 2016

Hyundai, Kia recall over 400,000 vehicles in four separate recalls

Rust and other maladies are responsible for this series of back-to-back recalls.

By June 20, 2016


SpaceX's luck runs out, Falcon 9 lost in attempted landing

Elon Musk's rocket company launches a pair of satellites on Wednesday, but breaks its streak of successful rocket stage landings at sea.

By June 15, 2016


This midrange Electrolux dries large loads in style

With plenty of special cycles, 8 cubic feet of capacity and a stylish design, the only things the Electrolux EFME617SIW Perfect Steam Dryer doesn't have going for it are its confusing secondary controls and perhaps its lack of smart-home capabilities.

By June 7, 2016


Meet the largest Star Wars Tatooine-like planet orbiting two suns

Kepler-1647b doesn't sport Tatooine's desert climate or a bunch of Jedi, but it does proudly orbit two suns.

By June 14, 2016


Call my agent! Crazy blockbuster movie salaries broken down

The cat is making twice what I'm pulling in! Vanity Fair video reveals salaries for a hypothetical film and now I'm contemplating a career change.

By June 9, 2016