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Israel to hire pro-government tweeters and Facebookers

The Israeli government puts out a national call for university students to come work for its new social media project, which aims to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment.

By August 14, 2013


Comcast really, really doesn't care about you (allegedly)

Funny Or Die decides it must express its truth about the potential Comcast-Time Warner merger. The new Comcast tagline? "We don't give a f***."

By February 28, 2014


Sega Dreamcast: Gaming's most magnificent failure (video)

Calling all Sega fans! Adventures in Tech tells the story of the Dreamcast -- an innovative console that failed so hard it destroyed Sega's gaming empire.

By January 13, 2014


The Navy's unmanned X-47B flies again

Picking up where it left off during the summer, the futuristic aircraft carries out at-sea maneuvers on and around its third aircraft carrier.

By November 11, 2013


Dreamcast lives again on Xbox Live, PSN

Sega's finally releasing titles from its venerable Dreamcast library as DLC on the Xbox 360 and PS3. What took so long?

By June 11, 2010


Scottish Premier League highlights coming to YouTube

YouTube has struck a deal to show the best bits of the first Scottish Premier League season without Rangers.

By August 9, 2012


10 years of Dreamcast, 10 games we love

Now that the Sega Dreamcast is 10 years old, it's time we look at 10 games that made their mark, from Seaman to Jet Grind Radio.

By September 10, 2009


The 404 876: Where 92 percent of our hosts are fake (podcast)

Which would you rather give up for a week, your toothbrush or your iPhone? We welcome CNETer Kenley Bradstreet back on the show today to help us answer this hypothetical question, and more.

By August 5, 2011


Photos: Hands-on with the Nikon Coolpix P5100

The Nikon P5100 is the flagship of the Coolpix range: a bridge camera with myriad SLR-style features in a compact body

By November 7, 2007


Dreamcast (and PS2 games) on the PS3?

Rumors of Dreamcast games on the PS3 could be the most exciting news we've heard all week.

By September 22, 2009