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Seadog Pump fetches ocean power

Minnesota-based Independent Natural Resources tests a floating pump found to be able to convert 22 percent of ocean wave energy into usable electricity.

By May 28, 2008


Oregon on track to get utility-scale wave farm

Ocean Power Technology is in final-stage agreements to build wave energy project off Oregon's coast to power 1,000 homes.

By August 4, 2010


Wave-powered desalination pump permitted in Gulf

The Seadog water pump, which captures the energy of waves to turn a generator, will be used on an offshore platform in Texas to test using ocean power to desalinate water.

By May 28, 2010


Aquamarine Power unveils next wave machine

The Oyster 2 is expected to be capable of sucking down more energy from ocean waves, to be transferred to an onshore hydroelectric turbine.

By May 20, 2010


DOE grants $1 million for ocean energy research

Lockheed Martin to determine if ocean thermal energy conversion and seawater-based air conditioning is viable for widespread use.

By March 17, 2010


Wave energy generator pumps power to Scotland

The Oyster converter starts making electricity using a simple design of a flap moved by waves that pumps water underground to an onshore hydro-electric turbine.

By November 24, 2009


Texas site to harness ocean for power, water

An off-shore facility where wave power will be harnessed for desalination could demonstrate a viable option for producing electricity and drinking water in coastal regions.

By October 16, 2009


Giant Oyster machine waves in electricity

The new wave-harnessing electricity generator heads from the test pool to the open ocean in the waters off the Orkney Islands.

By August 6, 2009


CNET Live - Episode 56

Merlin Mann of 43 Folders gave us an insight into how to get more organized with all your e-mail.

By May 29, 2008