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Pokemon Go: Gyms, candy, pokeballs and everything else you need to know

The complete beginner's guide to Nintendo's wildly popular new game.

By July 25, 2016


Star Wars 'Rogue One' AT-ACT unveiled by Hasbro at SDCC 2016

Early look at Hasbro's AT-ACT (and no, that's not a typo) at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

By July 22, 2016


'Wonder Woman' movie costumes on display at SDCC 2016

DC Comics features an up-close preview of the costumes we'll see in the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film. The heroine's original costume and concept art from the '70s TV show with Lynda Carter also make a showing.

17 Images By July 23, 2016


'Double Dare' celebrates 30th anniversary with Facebook Live revival at SDCC 2016

Will you take the physical challenge? Marc Summers, host of the classic Nickelodeon game show, returned to celebrate its 30th anniversary at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

10 Images By July 26, 2016


'Star Trek Beyond' and SDCC 2016 are coming, Pokemon Go gets big (CNET's Open_Tab Ep. 7 show notes)

Join us live Fridays around 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. PT on CNET's YouTube and Facebook pages to be a part of our next show with your questions and comments.

By July 18, 2016


5 things we learned from San Diego Comic-Con 2016

In addition to geek event staples like cosplayers and superhero movie leaks, there were some key thematic takeaways. For one, the '90s are back.

By July 24, 2016


Harley Quinn steals cosplayers' hearts at Comic-Con 2016

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, has proven to be a popular character to dress up as at SDCC 2016.

11 Images By July 22, 2016


5 trailers to watch while you're waiting for Marvel to #FreetheFootage

We can't watch Spidey or Baby Groot legally yet, so here are some Comic-Con trailers to ease the pain.

By July 25, 2016


Newest X-Men entry 'Legion' is a...brainscrambler

And it looks like the show based on the Marvel Comics character might rock our world.

By July 23, 2016


Wild Pokemon fans appear at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Pokepride saw a resurgence at this year's SDCC thanks to the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokemon Go.

12 Images By July 24, 2016