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Iriver Blank BTS-SD1 Sound Donut Bluetooth speaker

Though it sounds fairly thin, the portable and rechargeable Sound Donut's flat ring design and speakerphone capabilities make it worth considering.

By July 20, 2012

3 stars Editors' rating July 20, 2012

Panasonic HDC-SD1

A solid SD-based camcorder, the Panasonic HDC-SD1 nevertheless suffers from a few performance issues and an annoying design.

By July 25, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating July 25, 2007

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Sigma SD1: Wait, did we say $9,700? We meant $3,300

Saying it improved manufacturing, the Japanese camera and lens maker will start selling a lower-priced SLR in March. Also: perks for those who paid the high price.

By February 9, 2012


Sigma aims SD1 at pro photographers

The $9,700 SLR's Foveon sensor captures three colors per pixel rather than the usual one. Sigma is betting people will pay for that difference.

By May 20, 2011


Sigma's Foveon-based SD1 unveiled (photos)

Sigma, a lensmaker determined to become a camera maker, reveals its upcoming SLR at the Photokina show. Here's how it and two new lenses look.

7 Images By September 22, 2010


Sample images: Panasonic HDC-SD1

Sample images from the Panasonic HDC-SD1

4 Images By July 25, 2007


Sigma starts afresh with novel SLR design

The Japanese camera equipment maker expects the new Foveon sensor in its upcoming SD1 will prove more competitive. Also: New image-stabilized lenses and Sigma's financial crisis.

By September 20, 2010


Panasonic's dynamic camcorder duo for fall '07

Don't blink--the company is already replacing its new HDC-SD1 with the HDC-SD5. Plus, the hybrid HDC-SX5 rounds out the line.

By July 30, 2007


Panasonic AG-HSC1U: A pro's by any other name

The Panasonic HDC-SD1 3CCD AVCHD consumer camcorder announced at CES now has a "pro" twin, the AG-HSC1U.

By February 5, 2007


Panasonic's first AVCHD camcorders

Panasonic's HDC-SD1 and HDC-DX1 were announced in Japan, though no info is available about their possible US release.

By November 8, 2006