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Google Nexus 7 up for grabs for £180 in Hudl scuffle

The Google Nexus 7's price has been slashed 10 per cent by one shop to fight low-cost rivals like the Tesco Hudl.

By October 28, 2013


Apple in further scuffle with ASA over iPad 4G claims

Apple is in more hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority regarding its continued claims that the new iPad offers 4G data speeds.

By May 1, 2012


Apple off the hook in WiLAN wireless patent lawsuit

Apple wins scuffle with WiLAN, a company that targeted the iPhone and Mac maker for allegedly infringing on its wireless technology.

By October 23, 2013


Prince Harry reports BlackBerry mugging

The prince was on the phone to a friend when he overheard the scuffle, then rushed to the scene and reported the crime.

By December 18, 2011


Skeletons in the crimson closet: Facebook's latest Harvard scuffle

Aaron Greenspan, who claims ownership of Facebook, has petitioned to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in an attempt to cancel the social network's trademark on the name.

By April 17, 2008


The Scoble scuffle: Facebook, Plaxo at odds over data portability

When a popular blogger revealed that Facebook had banned his account, the Web erupted in speculative chatter. But where should they really be pointing fingers?

By January 3, 2008


CNET News Daily Podcast: What Microsoft and Yahoo win with new deal

Also, fake antivirus software infects millions of PCs; Psystar hires Jammie Thomas-Rasset's lawyers to fight Apple; and an Internet scuffle over Rorschach inkblots.

By July 29, 2009


CNET UK Podcast 117: Goodbye 2008

In the podcast this week we take the obligatory look back at 2008 and discuss all of our favourite news stories. Also included: a scuffle over who had the best WTF story of the last 12 months

By January 2, 2009


Loaded: Google versus Microsoft

Microsoft and Google scuffle over Yahoo, the gender-income gap widens and Super Bowl ads on MySpace: What's your favorite?

By February 4, 2008


Blu-ray vs HD DVD: Captain Jack lays the smackdown on Neo

If you thought the HD DVD versus Blu-ray battle was just about hardware, think again -- now we've got The Matrix fighting Pirates of the Caribbean in this ever more ridiculous format scuffle

By June 5, 2007