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Ferrari F430 Scuderia on BBC's 'Top Gear'

Join in on this clip of Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC program "Top Gear" as he provides an informative and humorous review of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

By January 8, 2010


Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M comes standard with 16GB iPod Touch

The Scuderia Spider 16M is the first car to come standard with a personalized 16GB iPod Touch.

By November 10, 2008


Ferrari F430 Scuderia leaves us green with envy

Australia's Ferrari importer is touting the lighter, brisker Scuderia version of the F430 as the company's fastest and greenest offering yet.

By March 12, 2008


Photos: Ferrari 430 Scuderia and 612 Sessanta

CNET Car Tech takes a close look at the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and 612 Sessanta, displayed at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show.

By November 15, 2007


Photos: Ferrari 430 Scuderia and 612 Sessanta

Ferrari showed off two extremes at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show, one stripped down racer and one luxury cruiser. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia ups the ante on the already stellar F430 model's performance, while the 612 Sessanta commemorates Ferrari's 60th anniversary with a limited edition 612 model.

6 Images By November 15, 2007


Photos: Frankfurt auto show

Check out the new rides, from Ferrari's ultrasporty 430 Scuderia to Volvo's plug-in-hybrid, the ReCharge.

By September 12, 2007


Free Ferrari video game provides cheap thrills

In Ferrari Virtual Race, players can choose a car from a lineup of Ferraris, which consists of the 599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti and 430 Scuderia. Gamers can customize their selected car in the Atelier to get it race ready, and test their driving skills

By April 21, 2009


Ferrari revs up a range of headphones, iPod docks

Over the years, Ferrari has stuck its name on everything from baseball caps, phones and cameras to laptops and theme parks, as well as, of course, supercars. Now we can add iPod docks and headphones to the list.

By January 19, 2012


Ferrari 458 Speciale: More of everything (except weight)

Ferrari has announced a new take on the 458 Italia for the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 458 Speciale.

By August 20, 2013


Logic3 Ferrari headphones and docks pull up at CES

A new batch of Ferrari-themed audio gear is pulling donuts at CES, made by Logic3. Headphones and speaker docks are the order of the day.

By January 8, 2012