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TechSmith's screencast service Jing goes pro

TechSmith's Jing project graduates from its beta phase to a full paid product. $15 a year gets you enhanced video quality, no watermarks and exporting to YouTube.

By January 6, 2009


Flowgram: Like a screencast, but with live pages

It looks like a slideshow... but the pages it shows are interactive.

By September 24, 2008


uTipu's new screencasting tool takes on TechSmith's Jing Project

Cast your screen with uTipu, a new screencasting tool.

By January 17, 2008


Screencastle puts software-free screen recording in your browser

Want to make a screencast without the software? Check out Screencastle, a free app that records your screen and computer audio, then hosts it all for you.

By April 8, 2009


Cloudera harnesses Hadoop for the enterprise

The company releases its first commercial business-friendly distribution of cloud platform Hadoop, the engine that powers Google. It will make the enterprise digestible by the Web.

By March 16, 2009


Three-in-one Web browsing with Lunascape

Lunascape's triple-rendering engine solves a whole host of browser compatibility issues for the ordinary user. Will this approach win over users?

By February 27, 2009


Screen grabs and screencasts made easy, with Jing

Need to grab some images or videos from your PC? Check out Jing.

By July 18, 2007


New Firefox extension turns Amazon.com into illegal free-for-all

A new Firefox extension adds Pirate Bay BitTorrent links to product pages on Amazon.com, putting the retailer in a tough position.

By December 3, 2008


YouTube's crowdsourced help videos arrive (with ads)

User-generated videos filled with useful screencasts to show you what to do when it comes to things like creating playlists and adding video annotations.

By October 29, 2008


Drag and DropZones adds amazing gesture-based Web search to Firefox

We take a look at a really neat add-on for Firefox that gives you gesture-based controls for dragging and dropping text into various search engines and commands.

By October 23, 2008