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Smartphone-controlled motion alarm keeps stuff safe

Sammy Screamer is a little motion-sensitive attachment that alerts you via smartphone when your stuff gets moved.

By February 10, 2014


SkyScreamer: Extreme swings thrill and terrify

The SkyScreamer extreme swing ride just opened at Six Flags St. Louis. Try screaming into a 43 mph wind as you fly around 236 feet up in the air.

By May 19, 2011


Intel-Nvidia screamer has lots of processors--and fans

A $12,000 Intel Skulltrail-based system using two top-line quad-core QX9775 processors and a bevy of Nvidia GPUs devotes a disproportionate amount of real estate to fans.

By May 2, 2008


Jobs: New Intel Macs are 'screamers'

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the first Intel-based Macs, almost a half a year ahead of schedule.

By January 10, 2006


Green-tech news harvest: Stealth geothermal start-up, solar parking lots

Wrightspeed's electric car is a screamer; a dip into water monitoring investing; Evergreen Solar's big order; and the biofuels and food calculus.

By May 23, 2008


Siren screams and streams wirelessly

'Screamer' is new wireless music system

By January 5, 2007


ThinkPad R40

The ThinkPad R isn't a screamer, but its low price and awesome battery life make it a smart choice for bargain hunters.

By January 27, 2003

3.5 stars Editors' rating January 27, 2003

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