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The 404 1,418: Where we scratch the outer limits with DJ QBert (podcast)

Cosmically renowned scratch DJ QBert hangs out with us on today's episode -- we'll talk about funding his new album Extraterrestria on Kickstarter, digging in the crates, vinyl vs. digital, and Bay Area hip hop.

By January 31, 2014


Scratch-and-sniff jeans keep you smellin' fine

Denim doyen Brandon Svarc of Naked & Famous has created a line of Teflon-coated jeans that release a minty fresh aroma when you scratch the fabric.

By January 21, 2014


Scratch Wireless takes aim at carriers with 'free' mobile service

The company offers free voice, data, and texting over Wi-Fi and provides a pay-as-you-go service when away from wireless.

By October 16, 2013


iPhone 5C may be coated in Apple-owned LiquidMetal scratch-resistance tech

That plastic iPhone 5C may be tough as nails if a new leaked video is any evidence, pointing to use of LiquidMetal technology Apple acquired back in 2010.

By August 22, 2013


Scratch Trek: DIY 'Star Trek' cat tree with carpeted Enterprise

A DIY "Star Trek" cat tree adds a bit of space adventure to a lucky cat's life.

By August 7, 2013


3D-printed cast is made to scratch

Broken bones could get a healing assist from 3D-printed casts custom made to support the injury while still giving plenty of space to breathe.

By July 1, 2013


Apple wants you to scratch and claw your iPad

The electronics giant has been granted dozens of U.S. patents, including one related to acoustic sensors in the housing of a device that will allow it interpret scratches differently from taps and other actions.

By May 14, 2013


Google Search scratches its brain 500 million times a day

On a daily basis, 15 percent of queries submitted have never been seen before by Google's search engine.

By May 13, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 staves off knife attack in scratch-test vid

An enterprising chap has taken a blade to Samsung's new gadget -- and it seems to handle it rather well.

By April 22, 2013


Spring cleaning: Clean your digital SLR camera

Cleaning your camera’s body, lens, and sensor requires only a handful of items and some care.

By April 11, 2014