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Aereo to Supreme Court: We have broken no law

In a brief, Aereo says that it has stayed within the realm of US copyright law and that TV broadcasters have no right to royalties from its television streaming.

By Mar. 26, 2014


Supreme Court to public domain: Let's fence you in

The Supremes say Congress can force public-domain works back into copyright, in consideration to the Berne Convention treaty.

By Jan. 18, 2012


Supreme Court rules against Microsoft in i4i patent case

Software giant loses legal battle with a small Canadian company in a decision today that will cost Microsoft $290 million and that has broad implications for the way patent law is applied to technology.

By Jun. 9, 2011


Supreme Court weighs law on violent video games

Justices consider California law targeting games that show "killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting" of image of a human. How does the First Amendment fit in?

By Nov. 2, 2010