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Penguin Scope is a home endoscope for nervous parents

Not content with just googling your child's symptoms? The Penguin Scope, seen at CES 2015, lets you check out Timmy's ear infection at 30 frames per second.

By January 7, 2015


Samsung: Apple 'vastly overstated' scope of patents

A Samsung attorney argues that just because the company is asking for much lower damages than Apple -- $7 million versus $2 billion -- doesn't mean it doesn't respect patents.

By April 1, 2014


A look back at NASA's planet-pinpointing space 'scope

The space agency says the Kepler space telescope is having equipment issues. With the mission threatened, we look back at Kepler's mind-expanding search for Earth-like exoplanets.

By May 19, 2013


AppBlaster gun uses iPhone game as augmented reality scope to zap aliens

Heads up, marines. We've got beaucoup movement on the scope, so stay frosty. Pew pew pew -- it's the apptoyz appBlaster toy gun with augmented reality Alien Attack game!

3 Images By June 23, 2011


Work with the cool kids! Culture is a weapon in 2011's hiring battle

Startups hope $11,000 in bacon-wrapped cash and sassy billboards will keep top engineers from Google's dollar signs.

By November 14, 2011


NASA scopes out Antarctica's ice (photos)

Operation Ice Bridge has wrapped up its fall mission to collect data as scientists seek a better understanding of how melting in that region could affect global sea levels.

15 Images By November 26, 2009


Scope of clean energy, climate bills takes shape

Lawmakers are discussing a cap on greenhouse gases as well as renewable electricity and efficiency mandates. Energy Future Coalition argues the combination of all three lowers costs of climate change regulations.

By April 27, 2009


Google reveals scope of Web-crawling task

Multiple times each day, Google recomputes the relative ranking of the world's Web sites. And it must index several billion new Web pages added daily.

By July 25, 2008


Minox's quirky camera for scoping

It's a digital camera, monitor, and eye-piece, all rolled into one light package.

By March 11, 2008


World Taximeter helps you scope out international cab fares

Find out how much that cab ride will cost in foreign cities with World Taximeter.

By January 23, 2008