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AT&T partners with Scanbuy for mobile bar code services

The two companies will make it easier for businesses to launch "relevant and engaging" QR code campaigns.

By April 8, 2013


Tag, you're out: Microsoft to nix its bar code variant

Microsoft says that it'll be shuttering the service on August 19, 2015, giving users two years to leave the scan-friendly platform.

By August 19, 2013


Scanbuy's 2D bar codes go south of the border

Scanbuy expands its 2D bar code technology to Mexico.

By October 22, 2008


Sprint preloads ScanLife on Samsung Exclaim

Sprint preloads ScanLife, a bar code reader application, on its Samsung Exclaim camera cell phone.

By July 7, 2009


12 online tools for price-conscious shoppers

If you want to save some cash online, doing all the work yourself isn't best. Use these online resources that help you find the best prices anywhere.

By May 14, 2009


ScanLife 2D bar code reader comes to Android

Scanbuy released its EZcode reader for Google Android phone.

By January 14, 2009


EZcode reader to be preloaded in Samsung phones

Samung to preload the ScanLife mobile 2D bar code reader application in all of its camera phones.

By September 24, 2008


ScanLife 2D Barcode reader comes to iPhone

ScanLife allows for immediate connection to a Web page without having to remember its URL on the iPhone.

By August 13, 2008


Wireless industry going through its AOL phase

The mobile Internet industry very much resembles the fixed Internet industry of the mid-1990s: lots of promise, but the business models have yet to evolve.

By May 21, 2008


Four services that do cool things for camera phones

These services will index, clean up, organize, and transfer your camera-phone images.

By November 19, 2006