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10 time-saving shortcuts for the BlackBerry Priv

Got a BlackBerry Priv? Check out these tips for creating shortcuts, taking advantage of unlock features and more.

By May 3, 2016


How video games are saving pro wrestling

Commentary: Joanie "Chyna" Laurer has become the latest professional wrestler to die before the age of 50, due to a reportedly dangerous locker room culture -- one that the new generation has changed with video games.

By April 27, 2016


Zus car charger saves parking locations to app (pictures)

The well-designed Zus device not only includes two USB ports for phone charging, it automatically saves the location of your parked car to its associated app.

7 Images By April 26, 2016


12 fuel-saving technologies for a happy Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, we take a quick spin around some of the technologies automakers use to save fuel in modern cars.

12 Images By April 22, 2016


Apple's Liam tries to save the Earth by destroying Siri

Technically Incorrect: An ad to celebrate Earth Day shows Apple's robot phone-stripper mute Siri for good.

By April 22, 2016


Even if Yahoo dissolves, CEO Marissa Mayer will still make bank

The company is sinking deeper into the abyss but Marissa Mayer will get a payout no matter her company's fate.

By April 19, 2016


7 Chrome extensions that can save you hundreds of dollars

Use Chrome as your browser? Want to save money? Downloading these Chrome extensions can save hundreds of dollars.

8 Images By April 12, 2016


Homeless, not phoneless: The app saving society's forgotten tech users

If you became homeless, would you keep your smartphone? One app offers life-saving guidance, in the recognition that someone might not have a bed but likely still has a phone.

By April 13, 2016


Dark Souls taught me life lessons and helped me grow up

Commentary: Believe it or not, this video game showed me some hard truths I needed to understand to become a functional adult.

By April 12, 2016


Why you should stop closing apps to save battery life

Clearing out your recent apps list isn't going to save your battery life, whether you're using Android or an iPhone. But these tips might help.

By March 18, 2016