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Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu allows you to get real Cydia experience in Android

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Cydia Substrate

*NOTE*: Substrate requires you to have "root" access on your device. Substrate may be incompatible with your device (such as missing symbols), but...

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*NOTE*: WinterBoard requires you to have "root" access on your device. You also must install Cydia Substrate *before* installing...

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Unofficial iMessage app for Android appears, likely unsafe

New Android software lets users unofficially tap into Apple's iMessage service, though the security behind the app is suspect.

By September 24, 2013


Google Glass kernel software goes public

Continuing a string of revelations about its high-tech spectacles, Google makes the software kernel underlying the devices -- and the things they'll eventually let you do -- available for download.

By April 28, 2013


As Schmidt speaks of caution, Google Glass gets hacked

Not long after Google's Eric Schmidt talks of how apps for Glass will require Google's approval, a renowned hacker/developer gains access to the gadget's operating system. But just what might that mean?

By April 26, 2013


iOS evasi0n jailbreak used 1.7 million times in first day

Released on Monday, the new jailbreak led to 1.7 million downloads by the following morning, according to Cydia's appstore administrator.

By February 6, 2013


Jon Bentley: 'I'd recommend jailbreaking to anyone'

CNET UK columnist and Gadget Show presenter Jon Bentley visits the world's first iOS jailbreaking convention to see how people are customising their iPhones.

By September 27, 2011


Cydia App Store founder building a jailbreak store for Mac apps

Jay Freeman, the man behind the Cydia app store for jailbroken iPhones, has committed to developing an equivalent jailbreak store for Macs.

By December 13, 2010


Feds say mobile-phone jailbreaking is OK

Jailbreaking your iPhone or other mobile devices will no longer violate federal copyright law, thanks to a new ruling that updates the 1998 DMCA.

By July 26, 2010


What the iPhone-jailbreaking ruling means (FAQ)

The practical impact of a new Digital Millennium Copyright Act ruling may be limited because Apple's end user contract still restricts jailbreaking.

By July 27, 2010


Jailbreak: Cydia developer Jay Freemam live chat

Cydia developer and jailbreak commander-in-chief Jay Freeman is participated in a live chat on TUAW.com today discussing the implications of Apple's new signature server, and running his own version for the jailbreaking community.

By September 24, 2009


Mozilla backs EFF in iPhone jailbreak support

Skype and Cydia also joined the Firefox developer in supporting the EFF, which is trying to get a DMCA exemption for those who jailbreak their iPhones.

By February 18, 2009