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How to keep your car cool on hot days

Hot summer days can make your car feel like a sauna on four wheels. Here are some quick tricks to keep it cool on hot days.

By August 22, 2014


Personal sauna or MRI chamber?

This thermo system looks like it belongs in a hospital.

By September 30, 2007


Ever wanted a combination shower-sauna?

From the hydro bathtub people.

By February 5, 2007


Smart bed and more in CES heath-tech tour

We walk you through some of the fitness gadgets at CES 2014, starting with a bed that can stop your partner snoring, and ending in a high-tech sauna.

By January 9, 2014


Fifty-two percent expect to work on vacation, survey says

The ease with which gadgets allow bosses to corral employees on the beach and even in the sauna means that the majority of people now expect to have to work on vacation.

By July 11, 2012


Clothing, optional

The fuels may be different, but many geographical regions embrace steam and sauna.

By March 13, 2008


Because pets can get depressed too

"Fauna Sauna" claims to uses radiant heat for treatment of various animal maladies, including stress.

By March 17, 2008


Charles Morgan on his Aeromax

Charles Morgan's name is above the door at Morgan Cars, so it's no surprise that he's got one as his daily driver. However, his "station car" is 1 percent of the world's production run of the Aeromax. We had to ask him what makes it so special.

By August 5, 2013


The latest trend: The 'you're not invited' wedding e-mail

The soon-to-be-betrothed are feeling the need to inform those who are not invited by electronic means. Are they slightly loopy?

By February 7, 2013


See how Samsung torture-tested the Galaxy S4

A video from the Korean device maker shows the abuse its Android flagship smartphone is put through before hitting the public.

By June 13, 2013