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iWatch satire skewers Apple before WWDC

Could Apple finally unveil a smartwatch at WWDC next week? If so, let's hope it doesn't turn out anything like this.

By May 31, 2014


Hulu satirizes 'Real Housewives' in new original series

Unveiling its slate for 2014 at CES, the second-day streaming site will debut "The Hotwives of Orlando," as well as second seasons of "East Los High" and "The Awesomes."

By January 8, 2014


Apple rejects satire app Joyful Executions

In an expected move from the iOS gatekeepers, iPhone users won't get a chance to play the game which puts a satirical twist on North Korean propaganda due to its "excessively objectionable content."

By August 6, 2013


Satirical Steve Jobs movie now available for viewing on Web

Comedy site Funny or Die releases "iSteve," a 79-minute movie about the Apple co-founder based largely on Wikipedia research.

By April 16, 2013


The Thick of IT: Armando Iannucci pens Silicon Valley satire

Armando Iannucci, creator of award-winning political satire The Thick of It, is planning a new show set in Silicon Valley on HBO.

By September 4, 2012


Adbusting satirical video sees through Google's new goggles

commentary Did Google's ukulele-strumming promo vid for its high-tech specs make you a little queasy? You may well appreciate this skillful, and perhaps insightful, parody by culture jammer Jonathan McIntosh.

By April 7, 2012


'Real or Onion': Can you spot the satire?

"Congress Accidentally Approves Arts Funding." Did that headline come from a serious news outlet or did you just get duped by The Onion? New iPhone game challenges you to decide.

By December 7, 2011


TSA blog fights back against satire

The TSA's official blog takes the time to explain that some satirical stories about its screening procedures are entirely false.

By December 4, 2010


Report: N.Y.-based Harvard grads score Facebook satire book deal

Evan Lushing and Greg Atwan, two Harvard graduates, have quit their new-media gigs after earning a five-figure book deal for a satirical book about the social network that famously began at their alma mater.

By October 1, 2007


The Onion brings its irreverent satire to MySpace

The humor publication will be providing audio, video, and print content to the social networking site.

By August 7, 2007