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Leaping lightsabers! Sweat to the Force with a Jedi workout

Ready for Help Me Obi-wan Kenobi You're My Only Hope Squats? Downsize Fitness develops a Jedi workout to get "Star Wars" fans fit for May the 4th.

By May 2, 2014


AT&T CEO sandbags iPad 3G subscriptions

Randall Stephenson tells investor conference he sees more people using the Apple tablet with Wi-Fi rather than the sweet subscription deal he agreed to.

By March 3, 2010


In Japan, seat sensors that can recognize you

System can recognize individuals by measuring how they apply pressure on a seat when sitting down. Yes, it essentially knows you by your butt.

By December 23, 2011


Sandbag is bagging carbon credits

Environmental watchdog is buying up EU carbon credits with the hope of reducing pollution.

By August 5, 2009


Hugo Chavez coming out with his own PC?

We wonder what the screensaver on the Chavez PC will look like.

By June 1, 2007