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Touchless kitchen scale weighs in with a wave

The Salter for Williams-Sonoma Touchless Tare Glass Scale allows for hands-free operation. The scale can also measure liquid ingredients.

By December 31, 2013


Buzz Out Loud: Kindle Fire: your questions answered (Podcast)

The Buzz Out Loud team and Donald Bell get hands-on with the brand-new Kindle Fire and answer all your questions about the device, like Kindle Fire vs. Nook, whether you can side-load apps, and whether Amazon Prime is required for use (hint: no). Check it out!

By November 14, 2011


Google cleared in AdWords trademark suit

European court rules search giant did not infringe on the trademarks of Louis Vuitton and others by letting online advertisers use keywords identical to those trademarks.

By March 23, 2010


Keep meals ready to serve

The Salter Perfect Temp Food Warmer can keep dinner perfectly warm and ready to serve for up to 3 hours, even in the car!

By December 7, 2009


Microsoft to launch virtual DVD service in U.K.

Software maker is partnering with U.K. retail giant Tesco to offer downloadable digital movies with features equivalent those in physical DVDs.

By September 9, 2009


Portable food warmer for warm food on the go

The Salter Portable Food Warmer is a convenient way to keep food warm at home or on the go.

By August 13, 2009


Gadgettes 134: The Green fail episode

During this week of everything green and earth friendly, we choose to shine a light (preferably compact fluorescent) on the ridiculous side of green gadgetry.

By April 24, 2009


Daylight Savings Time and HFS Plus glitch: manually changing time has its own problem

Daylight Savings Time and HFS Plus glitch: manually changing time has its own problem

By April 8, 1998