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Are selfies causing the spread of head lice?

A lice-removal professional claims selfies are contributing to an increase in the spread of head lice among young people, but for now at least, the link is by no means conclusive.

By Feb. 24, 2014


Mobile payments

If it seems like you're seeing more mobile payment options around town, you're not imagining things. Mobile devices from Square and Intuit are more prevalent than ever.

By Dec. 11, 2012


Yelp for Windows Phone

Yelp is worth downloading for its massive database of reviews that help you decide if that hole-in-the-wall joint or five-star hotel is worth it.

By Aug. 15, 2013

3.5 stars Editor's rating Aug. 15, 2013

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I want my Google search, on the road

One of the most useful automotive navigation features, Internet-based local search, has been strangely neglected by carmakers.

By Mar. 12, 2013


Roominate: Techy dollhouse for future lady scientists

Successful Kickstarter project Roominate gives girls the chance to build, design, and wire their own dollhouses as a prelude to careers in the sciences.

By Jul. 3, 2012


Yelp aims to go public in March, raise $100M

The San Francisco-based company, which filed for an IPO in November, aims to sell 7.15 million shares, priced between $12 and $14.

By Feb. 16, 2012


Innovation in the forecast at 'Cloud' conference

An important challenge for the future of enterprise cloud computing is balancing speed and agility with security, audit, and data controls -- all themes this week at an industry confab, Forecast 2012.

By Jun. 14, 2012


CNET News Maker Faire contest winners chosen

Five people who had the most innovative ideas for how to remake America with a do-it-yourself philosophy each won four tickets and a Maker Faire T-shirt.

By May. 20, 2009


Hair, fur, pantyhose deployed to fight oil spill

Environmental groups and people along the Gulf of Mexico are making booms and mats out of hair and fur to clean up the recent oil spill.

By May. 7, 2010


What to expect at SXSWi, part 2: Panels and keynotes

Don't stay out too late! There are loads of panels and discussions that you'll want to check out at the annual geek confab in Austin.

By Mar. 12, 2009