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Lab making salami out of Jennifer Lawrence?

BiteLabs insists it is growing meat from celebrity tissue samples. Oh, of course Kanye is one of them. It seems hard to swallow.

By February 27, 2014


Stool sample sausage: Poop probiotics might make meat healthier

Food researchers use bacteria found in baby feces to create a sausage with probiotic benefits. They even say it tastes "very good."

By February 28, 2014


Aussie cooking recipes (iPhone App)

Got a hankering for Salami Savory Muffins? Find recipes and authentic Australian ingredients on your iPhone with this application.

By July 17, 2007


Can prof's algorithm reunite Craigslist Missed Connections?

NY professor believes that a word-based algorithm can help bring together those who believe, with one glimpse, that they have found and lost the love of their lives.

By February 13, 2012


Pizza pan for easy pizza grilling

The Pizza Grill Topper is an affordable way to grill pizza at home.

By May 22, 2009


Green begets green

Miele's Independence Series refrigerators have some impressive energy efficiency features, guaranteed to save you green.

By September 12, 2008


JetBlue bolter slides into Mile High Text Club role

Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who quit by leaving the plane via the emergency slide, is to become the spokesman for the Mile High Text Club.

By November 15, 2010


Domino's apologizes for booger-sandwich video

Patrick Doyle, president, goes on YouTube to apologize for a video made by two employees in Conover, N.C., featuring them putting pizza cheese up their nose.

By April 15, 2009


Waiter fired for twittering about celebs

A Beverly Hills waiter is shown the door after he tweets about comings and goings of various celebs. The last straw: he accuses "Hung" star Jane Adams of not paying her check.

By October 6, 2009


Ex-'Screw' mag publisher hawks Booble porn search

Al Goldstein was once the famous (and famously hated) publisher of the smut magazine Screw. Now the onetime multimillionaire and foul-mouthed sex celeb has turned his talents to hawking the Booble.com adult search engine.

By August 3, 2007