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Dyson invests $15 million in solid-state battery research

Dyson hopes to find commercial applications for Sakti3's solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

By March 15, 2015


GM Ventures invests in battery start-up Sakti3

General Motors' venture capital arm takes a stake in next-generation lithium-ion battery company Sakti3, which is developing solid-state rechargeable batteries.

By September 10, 2010


Sir James Dyson is now the proud owner of an LED lighting company

Dyson has announced plans to acquire his son Jake Dyson's LED solutions company, securing the future of the brand as a family-owned business.

By April 10, 2015


Doubling EV range with solid state batteries

Startup Sakti3 expects to have prototypes of a solid-state lithium ion battery that it hopes will increase the range of electric cars and enable cheaper electronics.

By October 19, 2011


Researchers zero in on solid-state auto battery

Automotive News reports on a new type of battery that may enhance the performance of electric cars.

By September 21, 2011


GM buys into solar EV charging through Sunlogics

GM Ventures invests in solar panel maker and project developer Sunlogics for solar canopies and large solar arrays at GM facilities.

By July 28, 2011


Automakers push ahead on plug-ins despite unknowns

Electric-vehicle technology is ready to go. To scale up, automakers need to navigate uncertainties around consumers, fuel prices, and government policies.

By October 14, 2010


Barriers loom on road to plug-in cars

Automakers, utilities, and environmentalists alike are increasingly gung-ho for electric vehicles. But it's hard to say if consumers will share their enthusiasm.

By October 23, 2009