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CNET News Daily Podcast: Success in the saga of the offline in-laws

Second time's the charm in one reporter's efforts to get his off-the-grid in-laws online; Italy considers new lawsuit against the Pirate Bay; and hints of a new large-screen Kindle.

By May 4, 2009


Microsoft-HP cashback saga continues

Earlier this week a Microsoft representative indicated that a deal offering 40 percent cash back at HP.com would be restarted following Black Friday glitches. Now that appears less certain.

By December 2, 2008


Apple Lawsuit Saga Continues: iPhone 3G Hairline Cracks

Apple Lawsuit Saga Continues: iPhone 3G Hairline Cracks

By November 19, 2008


Samsung Saga, Renown debut for Verizon Wireless

The Samsung Saga is a smartphone with a full alphabetic keyboard and the Samsung Renown is a 3G flip phone.

By November 14, 2008


HTC Touch Pro and Samsung Saga rumored for Verizon

As images and spec sheets surface online, rumors start to grow that Verizon Wireless will add the HTC Touch Pro and Samsung Saga to its lineup.

By November 12, 2008


Online marketers unhappy with Microhoo saga outcome

The Google-Yahoo-Microsoft power struggle has only made Google, which controls nearly 70 percent of search market share, stronger.

By August 7, 2008


CNET News Daily Podcast: AOL's spot in the Microhoo saga

AOL gets dragged into the Microsoft-Yahoo drama, and some members of MobileMe are getting a consolation prize.

By July 16, 2008


The 404 359: Where we protect our heads from falling Apple iPhone 3G S rumors

The 404 breaks down WWDC and Wilson recaps last night's Webby Awards!

By June 9, 2009


PSP Go! and PS3 Slim: Latest rumors

A few days before E3, some new details emerge on the next-gen Sony PSP and a possible PS3 Slim.

By May 28, 2009


UEFA Champions League final: What brands can learn from 'Barca'

I'm nervous, seriously nervous. In a few hours, in the Olympic stadium in Rome, FC Barcelona (or "Barca," as its supporters call it) will face Manchester United, the other soccer superpower, in the game of all games, the final of the UEFA Champions League

By May 26, 2009