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How one ISP deals with copyright enforcement

Get a look at correspondence between the owner of a Louisiana ISP and representatives of copyright owners. The ISP owner gets several of notices like this a month.

By December 22, 2008


Datz Music Lounge: Unlimited MP3s from EMI and Warner

Datz Music Lounge launches this weekend, offering unlimited access to MP3s from EMI, Warner Music and a bunch of independent labels, for £99 a year. But will it get the kids off LimeWire?

By October 29, 2008


Encryption specialists: To buy or not to buy?

A look at market conditions tells you why it made sense for security widget maker SafeNet to buy Ingrian, and for Symantec to partner with GuardianEdge.

By March 11, 2008


SafeNet snags enterprise security company

The network security provider announces a deal to buy Rainbow Technologies, a move that should boost SafeNet's government business and add antipiracy technology to its product line.

By October 23, 2003


Cisco preps new enterprise routers

Security and voice features top enhancements aimed at fending off market grab from rivals; Juniper at the gates.

By June 10, 2004


SafeNet halved by warning

April 2, 2001


Judge nixes part of Amazon, Borders suit

A federal judge calls a claim that the companies set artificially high prices "ludicrous on its face" but permits the case to go to trial.

By March 30, 2004


Cisco to add SSL networking to products

The company is expected to announce Monday that it will start shipping secure networking features based on Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, encryption.

By November 7, 2003


U.S. government mulls Internet of its own

The newly appointed presidential adviser for cyberspace security calls on the high-tech industry to help create a separate Internet for secure government use.

By October 10, 2001