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Exposure: Jason Ruth

Jan. 31, 2012


Ford's RUTH robot arm extends hand to North America

Tactile robot arm that tests car interiors has arrived on North American soil, where she's poking and prodding 2013 Fusions to collect data that helps engineers make a more comfortable car.

By Jul. 17, 2012


Exposure: Jason Ruth

A specialist in HDR and landscape photography, Jason Ruth talks about his technique and the stories behind his favourite photographs.

18 Images By Feb. 1, 2012


Ford's RUTH robot gets touchy-feely with interiors

Ford has been working with a tactile robot arm to evaluate the look and feel of its vehicle interiors. The machine is meant to replace subjective human testers.

By Dec. 16, 2009


Should Ruth Madoff have her MacBook taken away?

A recent Vanity Fair article reveals that Ruth Madoff is an Apple MacBook user. Should she have to give it up if she hasn't already?

By Aug. 13, 2009


Fan fodder: What if Babe Ruth had high-tech training tools?

That's a perennial bar debate, but some latter-day major league clubs are now using a high-tech pitching simulation system that's generating quite a buzz around spring training.

By Mar. 5, 2008


Another Ruth home run

By Jun. 23, 2004