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The Doctor's dance moves have gotten a little rusty

On tour to promote his debut as the Twelfth Doctor in BBC's "Doctor Who," Peter Capaldi shows off his dancing skills, or lack thereof.

By August 11, 2014


'Mad Max: Fury Road' trailer full of sand, grit, rusty rat rods

Tom Hardy takes on the role of Mad Max as the sand flies in a first-look trailer for the 2015 post-apocalyptic film.

By July 28, 2014


Rusty the red panda was lost and found on Twitter

While on the lam, the cute little panda bear sent the Twitter-sphere into a frenzy with trending hashtags and more than 65,000 mentions, which helped lead to his capture.

By June 24, 2013


I flew a drone! Novice pilot doesn't even hurt anyone

Crave writer Rusty Blazenhoff enlisted in drone "flight school" this week and nervously piloted her first flying camera this week. See how it went.

By June 6, 2014


Fretlight makes learning to play the guitar easy with LED lights

Fretlight's founder Rusty Shaffer visits the CNET studio to demo a guitar that can light up the fretboard using tablature with popular songs. We learn how to play Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water and AC/DC's Thunderstruck.

By June 22, 2011


Fan gives 'Doctor Who' the strangest regeneration yet

YouTube user Dave Clipson used a fairly intricate process to blend the faces of all 13 Doctors together to create the average face. The result is a little creepy.

By August 12, 2014


GOP activist uses Facebook to compare first lady to gorilla

Rusty DePass, a South Carolina Republican, reportedly removes his Facebook page after making a "joke" on it comparing first lady Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

By June 15, 2009


The Woz 2: Less Buddy Holly, more Buddy Wall-E

Steve Wozniak's second "Dancing with the Stars" performance proves that he's a survivor, though one of the judges compares him to Wall-E (as in rather rusty).

By March 16, 2009


Your next road trip should stop at this 'Doctor Who'-themed restaurant

The Pandorica restaurant in Beacon, N.Y., might not house the most dangerous man in the universe, but its "Doctor Who"-themed design will draw humans, Daleks, and Time Lords alike.

By August 14, 2014


Snocap CEO on layoffs: 'pioneers take arrows'

Rusty Rueff says laying off 31 employees, or 54 percent of company's staff, was necessary to attract potential buyers.

By October 12, 2007