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Microsoft hands Rustock botnet case over to FBI

After winning a summary judgment against the perpetrators of the massive spamming network, the software giant hands evidence to federal law enforcement, including clues about the alleged ringleader.

By September 22, 2011


Microsoft: Rustock still dead but hunt on for culprits

Taken down in March, the Rustock botnet is still "dead and decaying," says Microsoft, but the company still hopes to track down the culprits in Russia using a series of ads and legal filings.

By June 7, 2011


Report: Spam down 33 percent after Rustock takedown

Spam levels dropped by about one-third following the recent takedown of the Rustock spambot, according to Symantec's latest Intelligence Report.

By March 30, 2011


Microsoft and feds bring down spam giant Rustock

A raid, triggered by a Microsoft lawsuit, neutralized the massive spamming network last week.

By March 17, 2011


Rustock botnet responsible for 39 percent of all spam

The Rustock botnet is shrinking in size but its spam attacks are increasing in scale and intensity, security vendor Symantec said.

By August 25, 2010


Botnets cause surge in February spam

Spam levels increase more than 5 percent in February over prior month, due in large part to greater activity from Grum and Rustock botnets, according to Symantec.

By March 2, 2010