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More Java-based malware plagues the cross-platform runtime

New attacks exploit the Java plug-in as well as simply use Java to run locally when tricking users.

By March 1, 2013


How to manage the Java 6 and Java 7 runtimes in OS X

Problems with Oracle's Java 7 runtime may require OS X users to switch back to Java 6, but currently there is no direct means of doing so.

By October 24, 2012


Use Normal to target power-hogging apps

This 99-cent iOS utility calls out the apps that are killing your battery and provides help with extending its runtime.

By September 2, 2014


Why you should patch your Java Runtime Environment

Security restrictions could be compromised in earlier versions of JDK and JRE 6, says vendor Sun.

By February 4, 2008


Adobe Apollo: One runtime for everything?

Adobe Apollo, now called "Air," will soon support Web sites written in non-Adobe formats.

By June 10, 2007


Apple: Runaway applications can shorten battery runtime

Apple: Runaway applications can shorten battery runtime

By December 8, 2006


Apple updates Java, removes Java plugin

Apple is progressively moving away from supporting its in-house developed Java runtime for OS X.

By October 15, 2013


How to install and uninstall Java 7 for OS X

Oracle's newly released Java 7 runtime is relatively painless to install and uninstall.

By April 27, 2012


Apple updates Java for OS X

New versions of Apple's supported Java SE 6 runtime have been made available.

By October 17, 2012


New vulnerabilities found in latest Java update

Following its latest updates, more vulnerabilities have been uncovered in Oracle's Java 7 runtime.

By August 31, 2012