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Apple HDTV rumor roundup

Talk of an Apple TV set dates back to 2009, but recent months have provided an avalanche of rumors. CNET has gathered them all in one convenient location for you.

By April 8, 2013


ABCs of smartphone screens: 1080p and more (Smartphones Unlocked)

We have plenty of names to describe the viewing quality on your smartphone screen, but few of them actually make sense. Here's what matters, and why.

By July 13, 2013


iPhone 5 rumor roundup

The iPhone 5 rumors culminated today, 12 September, with Apple's announcement of the iPhone 5 with bigger screen and 4G LTE. Read CNET's iPhone 5 coverage.

By September 11, 2012


Apple iPad Mini: The ultimate rumor roundup

A smaller version of the iPad is coming, you say? What is this, 2009? No, really -- we've heard this before.

By August 28, 2012


Apple iPad 'Mini' rumors heat up; launch seen by year's end

Two reports suggest Apple is cranking up its supply chain partners in preparation for a fall debut of a long-awaited and highly-anticipated smaller iPad version.

By July 4, 2012


Rumor Has It: iPad Mini launching in October? (video)

This week we discuss the Apple rumor that refuses to die. Also, will Facebook ruin the Internet with a "Want" button? And is one-thumb typing coming to Windows Phone 8?

By July 3, 2012


Rumor Has It: Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month? (video)

This week in rumor land, we wonder if Amazon is feeling the heat from Google's Nexus 7. Also, is Kinect coming to the car? Could BlackBerry out-pixel the iPhone's Retina Display?

By June 27, 2012


Rumored design change for Google Play Store in Android 4.1

A leaked screenshot suggests that the Google Play Store will get a UI refresh for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

By June 25, 2012


Rumor Has It, Ep. 27: The fat lady sings for Rumor Has It (podcast)

On this week's show; we listen to some voice mails and read some e-mails; Emily brings out her inner Russian; and we rock out with our socks out for you guys.

By April 3, 2012


Rumor Has It: New Xbox launch timed for 2013 holidays? (video)

This week in rumor land, Emily Dreyfuss and Donald Bell wonder about new Kindle Fires, whether Samsung might drop the Android OS, and they don't mention the iPhone 5 once. Kidding!

By June 20, 2012