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Audiovox's Android RSE finds a home at Bentley (update: Bentley denies)

The next generation of Bentley ultraluxury vehicles will be available with Android inside.

By July 14, 2011


Vizualogic shows off Android-powered headrest monitors

Vizualogic brings Android to the back seat with its upcoming rear-seat entertainment system.

By November 2, 2011


Droid Bionic car dock hacked for video output

A Motorola Droid Bionic owner wanted to be able to watch Netflix videos in his car, so he got to work modding.

By September 20, 2011


Volvo unveils new infotainment system

Automaker debuts industry's first Internet-connected rear-seat infotainment system, complete with Windows, Wi-Fi, and a 500GB hard drive.

By February 11, 2010


BOL 1069: 80 percent of life is exhaust

We're not real sure about the iRex reader, Microsoft's Courier is a lot of smoke, Palm gets told to sit down and be quiet about iTunes syncing, and a PlayStation2 for you car. And finally, Brian imparts a valuable life lesson for everyone listening.

By September 23, 2009


A scientific formula for popularity on Digg, YouTube

HP has figured out when YouTube and Digg content can become popular using an algorithm that will make you wish you paid attention in math class.

By November 13, 2008


Sirius TV on the way

Sirius Radio moving into satellite TV for cars.

By December 1, 2006