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Talk techie to me: RealDoll wants to make sex dolls that move, chat

RealDoll is reportedly working with robotics experts to make a more lifelike and unintentionally creepier love doll. Hopefully it won't dump you for the Roomba.

By June 12, 2015


Robot abuse is a bummer for the human brain

As loveable toy dinosaur Pleo gets both hugged and strangled in the name of science, two studies suggest that we're hardwired to sympathize with them. But how deeply can people feel for robots?

By April 23, 2013


Giant fembots land in Tokyo's red light district

Untold millions have gone into creating a bizarre floor show of 10-foot-tall robots and dancing girls.

By August 2, 2012


Friday Poll: Perfect date with Roxxxy the sex robot?

This week we met a life-size, artificially intelligent, and fully functional sex robot billed as the first of its kind. And it made some of us wonder what it would be like to finally date an artificial lady programmed to make us feel good.

By January 15, 2010


Sex robot Roxxxy looking for action

She's the automaton of your dreams: sexy, rubbery, and with multiple personalities. Meet Roxxxy, billed as the world's first sex robot. Did we mention she's from New Jersey?

By January 11, 2010


Must love puppies, walks on beach, robot babies

While dating site for robot lovers is currently restricted to humans, it does hope to include robots among its members "once their AI is sufficiently advanced."

By February 14, 2011


Robot's singular job: Cutting flesh from pig bone

Some people are scared of clowns, some of zombies. I'm scared of giant robots with knives programmed to slice meat from a pig's thigh.

By December 7, 2010


Robots to get sensitive with artificial skin

Peratech is developing artificial skin for robots at MIT. The robo-hide will be able to detect where a robot has been touched and how hard. So think before slapping.

By February 24, 2010


How world's first sex robot will change your life

Roxxxy could mean the end of friending co-workers on Facebook. She could mean the end of speed dating and dinners with your in-laws. And she has a male counterpart on the way, too.

By January 11, 2010