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Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders pimp Roto-Rooter's high-tech powder room

Roto-Rooter got a little help from the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to launch its Pimped Out Powder Room Sweepstakes.

By January 23, 2008


A toilet for Inspector Gadget

Roto-Rooter is offering a sweepstakes for the 'Pimped Out John,' a fully loaded toilet with LCD TV, Xbox, refrigerator and more.

By February 5, 2007


CTIA--Gear and clothing in New Orleans

reporter's notebook Did Boingo's Sky Dayton change suits between last year's cell-phone-cum-Interet conference and this year's? Apparently not. Also: Flushable gear.

By March 19, 2003


eRescue smoothes way for holiday Net sales

Ernst & Young launches eRescue to bail out ailing Web companies during site failures or operational problems--a hot button for Net retailers this holiday season.

November 22, 1999


Net retailers in eye of holiday storm

Toys "R" Us, eToys, Amazon.com, eBay, Virgin Megastore, Webvan and others will be under more pressure than ever to make sure their online stores can handle the crush of holiday traffic.

By November 22, 1999