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Virtual soccer now a World Cup fan's best prediction tool

FIFA, the video game, has become strikingly lifelike, turning it into a World Cup fanatic's simulation playground.

By June 8, 2014


What Ronaldinho and soccer can teach you about innovation

On the occasion of the "clasico" between Barcelona and Madrid, I am wondering what can make the difference when two equally star-studded soccer teams compete. I think I have found the answer: innovation. The more innovative team won the past games, and th

By December 22, 2007


Nokia 5500 Sport: The Ronaldinho of phones

If sport is the game then the Nokia 5500 is the name. This is a tough little phone that looks good and will even count your steps and read your text messages

By May 11, 2006


In between years: Trends and snippets

Media pundits are out-forecasting one another with predictions of consumer and marketing trends for 2008.

By December 24, 2007


Rooney, Ronaldinho the faces of FIFA 06

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and FC Barcelona's Ronaldinho will be the cover stars for EA Sports' upcoming FIFA 06.

By August 8, 2005


Phones for sport

I'm a keen runner and go for a run at least twice a week. What mobile phone is hardy enough for outdoor activities?

By July 6, 2006


Tech firms in World Cup profiteering shocker

Every four years we see a plethora of tech products inspired by the World Cup -- this year is no different. Here's a round-up of the best (worst?) we've seen so far

By May 17, 2006