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Why should you trust Google, Facebook more than the NSA?

Is there any greater reason to believe that companies to which we give our information every day will guard it more preciously than any government?

By September 8, 2013


Solar CIGS reach 15.7 percent efficiency

DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory confirms efficiency claim of thin-film photovoltaic manufacturer.

By December 2, 2010


Google's Mayer checks into elite club

Marissa Mayer is now the youngest person on Google's operating committee, and she'll be in charge of Google's location-based services, not to mention its future plans.

By October 12, 2010


SoloPower trumpets certification for flexible solar modules

Silicon Valley-based company claims industry-first UL certification for solar modules made from thin-film CIGS material which are making their way to market from multiple suppliers.

By September 7, 2010


The 404 436: Where we're different by choice

The 404 welcomes Beck's Beer as the official show sponsor for the month of October!

By October 1, 2009


UStream + GPS = Seero

New service creates data stream that marries location with video.

By March 20, 2008


Solar-energy record-holder joins SoloPower

Rommel Noufi, one of the big scientists in CIGS solar cells moving, is joining SoloPower as vice president of research.

By February 11, 2008


Nanosolar loses chief scientist

Chris Eberspacher, one of the stars of CIGS, is no longer in the Nanosolar house.

By June 7, 2007