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Vivendi sites get personal

Vivendi Universal Net USA on Monday said it will add online personals from Lavalife under an exclusive, three-year deal. The agreement brings one of the most sought-after online advertising niches to VUNet's network of sites, which includes MP3.com, RollingStone.com, MP4.com, GetMusic.com, EMusic.com and the Flipside Network. The deal is the latest for Toronto-based Lavalife, whose online partners include MSNBC.com. Lavalife sells telephone-dating services in more than 40 markets in the United States, Canada and Australia. It launched an Internet division in 1997, formerly known as Webpersonals.com, and has attracted about 4 million customers to date, according to the company.

By June 24, 2002


Diet Coke putting TV series on site

Diet Coke will launch a new Web site this week, replete with a 13-episode miniseries loosely based on popular reality TV shows such as "Survivor" and "Temptation Island." The lead character of the broadband saga--dubbed "What's Your 20?"--is Mary Burton, a 20-something production assistant at a Los Angeles movie studio. A crew will record the exploits of the Suffolk, Va., native as she works on a set in Montana. The show is supposed to embody "the modern sexiness and confident attitude of people who choose Diet Coke as their favorite beverage," Brand Manager Kristi Baxter said. In addition to touting the one-calorie soda, the third most popular soft drink in the United States after Coke and Pepsi, the site will feature promotions with Sony, Rollingstone.com, VH1 and Blockbuster, including chances to win tickets to advance screenings of Hollywood films.

March 7, 2001


Short Take: TheGlobe.com to license tools to RollingStone.com

TheGlobe.com said it has signed a deal to provide Web community building on RollingStone.com. The agreement allows RollingStone.com members to create email fan clubs and home pages for their favorite artists. Financial terms were not disclosed.

By April 18, 2000


Is EMusic a takeover target?

Although EMusic boasts some attractive content, especially after acquiring RollingStone.com, the site's lack of mainstream music artists could hinder it as bigger industry players come online.

December 6, 1999