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How to install Windows 10 on your phone

Have a Windows Phone device and want to test out Windows 10 on it? Now you can.

By February 12, 2015


Get an Epson MegaPlex HD projector for $349 shipped

This portable, iDevice-friendly model quickly turns any room into a sweet big-screen theater.

By January 5, 2015


Tech Retrospect: Apple's 'Bendgate' drama and BlackBerry's big return

Apple didn't exactly have a great week in the press, but was all the bad news really well-founded? Also, BlackBerry drops a major new phone, if only because it's huge.

By September 26, 2014


Facebook's e-mail debacle: One 'bug' fix, but rollback impossible

commentary So the problems users were up in arms about over the weekend weren't, in fact, user error. What a shock.

By July 2, 2012


Shooting forward: A look at a mature camera market

Digital photography is exploding, yet camera sales continue to slump. Here's a look at the current market and what should change.

By February 28, 2013


Symantec antivirus software update crashes some PCs

Bug in software used by businesses caused some Windows XP-based machines to crash repeatedly with a "blue screen of death."

By July 15, 2012


There's a 'new boson' in the universe

week in review Scientists discover the "God particle," while Facebook users discover an e-mail black hole. Also: Apple scores twin legal victories.

By July 6, 2012


Facebook's FTC settlement won't change much, if anything

Facebook won't revert to its earlier, more privacy-protective, default profile settings. Nor is today's deal with the FTC likely to mean any other significant changes.

By November 29, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1493: We're all screwed. Drink. (Podcast)

It's both a fun game and a sad commentary on the state of our existence! On today's show, the average user is caught in the crossfire of the hacker wars, but dammit, even LulzSec agrees that Sega is off limits. Speaking of which, Donald might have been right about Bitcorn, rather than Bitcoin. Ouch. And how to restore the memories of really, really stoned rats. Poor little rats. --Molly

By June 20, 2011


VW's new midsize sedan is updated Passat, adds TDI option

Volkswagen dropped the cloth on its new midsize sedan, and although its new in body it retains the same old Passat nameplate.

By January 10, 2011