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Federal court signs off on domain-name seizures

Judge denies request by operators of Rojadirecta sites for their Web domains to be returned. They're accused of publishing links that led to illegal Web broadcasts of sporting events. But the case isn't over yet.

By August 5, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1489: 7073, people, keep it simple (Podcast)

The most common iPhone passcodes are revealed on today's show (no, not by LulzSec), but Tong has a pager-callback suggestion for all of us. A proposal in Congress would force U.S. companies to actually tell us when they're hacked and our data is stolen (yes, please), and Rojadirecta becomes the people's hero in challenging the government's domain-name seizures. Go, Rojadirecta, go!

By June 14, 2011