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North Korea: First Eric Schmidt; then... Dennis Rodman?

Somehow, since his recent visit, Google's chairman has paved the way for all sorts of open (and, perhaps, unexpected) exchanges with North Korea. Yes, Dennis Rodman has arrived.

By February 26, 2013


Analyst report: iPhone 4S supply issues due to constrained key component

In a note to investors, Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar claims that Apple's supply issues regarding the iPhone 4S are due not only to extremely high demand but also a key component not being readily available.

By November 29, 2011


iPhone 5 hardware spec check

It's been a long time since Apple upgraded the iPhone's hardware. Analysts offered their latest assessments this week of what's inside the iPhone 5.

By September 27, 2011


Analyst: Blackberry tablet has 1GHz chip, cameras

Research In Motion is aiming for the end of the year to launch its Blackberry tablet, according to analyst Ashok Kumar.

By July 9, 2010


iPhone 4 has display supply issues, analyst says

The iPhone 4's new Retina display is facing production yield issues, according to an analyst's research note Friday.

By June 18, 2010


Steve Jobs' last big project: The next iPhone

Steve Jobs' most lasting legacy will be the iPhone 5, a project he was intimately involved with, according to one analyst. The iPhone 5 is expected to be a complete redesign.

By October 15, 2011


After iPad, Kindle Fire most desired tablet, study finds

Amazon's tablet, which launched last week, is the device people who won't be buying the iPad soon will opt for to satiate their tablet desire.

By November 21, 2011


Apple, Intel results show laptop alive and well

Apple and Intel demonstrate that the laptop isn't dying and may even be cutting into sales of the device that's supposed to replace it.

By October 19, 2011


Samsung core confirmed inside iPhone 4S

Samsung-made silicon remains at the core of Apple's most critical products like the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

By October 18, 2011


iPhone 5, not 4S, was Steve Jobs' final project

The iPhone 5 was the late Apple founder's last major project, according to reports, which could confer cult status on the device.

By October 17, 2011