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Robovie R3 robot wants to hold your hand

New humanoid robot is designed to help the elderly and disabled with everyday tasks. Cheaper than earlier versions, it still costs as much as a sports car.

By April 21, 2010


Robovie robot has an iPod Touch tummy

A new prototype from Japan's ATR Robotics and Communication Laboratories lab puts your iPod Touch at the heart of a new humanoid robot. Or at least at its stomach.

By March 23, 2010


Hobby robot Robovie packs PC power

Japanese robot maker Vstone has announced a premium humanoid hobby robot that runs on its own PC, enabling easier programming and better functions.

By October 6, 2009


Robovie: Intel Atom-powered PC, also a robot

Meet Robovie. A robot with a webcam for a face, an Intel Atom CPU for a heart, and in addition to being able to walk, he can run Windows 7 and connect you to the Internet

4 Images By October 6, 2009


Robo-runners complete marathon in photo finish

Team Vstone's Hobby bot Robovie-PC is the fastest robot marathon runner in the land, completing the race in 54 hours, 57 minutes, and 50 seconds.

By February 28, 2011


Japanese robot helps out with grocery shopping

A prototype robot called Robovie II is deployed to a supermarket in Kyoto to help seniors with their groceries. The machine can make food recommendations.

By December 18, 2009