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Crave 38: BarBot 2011 (podcast)

CNET's Donald Bell and Eric Franklin investigate the cutting edge of cocktail robotics at BarBot 2011 in San Francisco. They meet robots for mixing a Kamikaze in zero-gravity, a methodical Martini-bot, and an apocalypse-ready robot that makes a vegan White Russian.

By April 9, 2011


In search of a do-it-yourself Wall-E

Robots will be one of the largest categories of DIY projects at this weekend's Maker Faire, but hobbyist robotics goes much further than the festival.

May 29, 2009


Robots serve up fiery cocktails in San Francisco

At Roboexotica on Saturday, guests will be able to watch robots mix and serve some pretty mean alcoholic beverages.

By May 9, 2008


Cocktail-serving robots invade Vienna this week

The first festival concerned with cocktail robotics will open tomorrow, and attendees will discuss "radical hedonism in man-made communication."

By November 21, 2007