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Bike with no brakes no prob for mini robot

Masahiko Yamaguchi's mini robot can balance itself while riding a bike just by moving the handlebars. Expect wheelies soon.

By November 14, 2011


Amazing robot makes terrible omelettes

Fresh from the Robo-One 11 bi-ped robot competition at Kourakuen Hall in Tokyo comes this impressive video of OmniZero.4.

By March 28, 2007


Vote: Battle of the nonviolent robots (The Sweet Sixteen)

These robots don't want to fight. That's why you have to pick the winners.

By September 10, 2007


Vote: Battle of the non-violent robots

Even if they banded together, these robots couldn't fight their way out of a Buddhist monastery. That's why you have to settle these one-on-one robot battles with your online votes. It's the only way to figure out which one's the best.

By August 27, 2007